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The Tacoma Weekly is the paper to read each week if you want to stayed informed about our community. The publisher, John Weymer, writes spot on editorials each week and the news side does an outstanding job of reporting the whole story about Save Tacoma Water and the fact that direct democracy no longer exists.

We can regain our rights. Read our ads and join us. We are making a difference.

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STW Not Responsible for $250,000 in legal expenses spent by COT, POT, EDB and the Chamber

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Hello Water Warriors,

Direct democracy had a big set back in court Friday, but STW did have a huge win. The Court Order signed by the judge did not include a request for legal fees! It is estimated that $250,000 was spent on legal fees by the City of Tacoma, Port of Tacoma, the Economic Development Board Tacoma/Pierce County and the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber. The citizen outcry at the meetings held by the city and the port resulted in the plaintiffs refiling their briefs and removing the request that their legal fees be paid for by STW. A big thank you to all who spoke out, it paid off!

The court ruling was a blow, but we are not discouraged. We listened and we learned.

We learned that doing a city initiative is dead. Judge Nevin announced on Friday the Time of Death for the Water Protection Initiatives at 11:15 AM when he sided with the corporate and government interests that sued us citizens for exercising our democratic rights to the initiative process in an effort to control our publicly-owned water resources.

We learned that saving Tacoma water will take a statewide effort.

We learned that we need state constitutional change to protect our right of local, community self-government, so when laws are voted in by the people they will be protected from corporate challenge.

We learned that we need a state law that protects initiatives from pre-election challenges.

july 5 mtg

Tuesday, STW will be meeting at Tully’s from 5:30 – 6:30 PM to explore our options about moving forward with our community rights agenda.

Possible options include:
•Direct action events

•Finding and supporting candidates who run against the pro-methanol electeds at the Port of Tacoma and City of Tacoma

•Filing a statewide initiative to protect our water

•Supporting a legislative bill to prevent pre-election challenges to citizen initiatives

In 100 days, more than 17,000 people signed the Water Protection Petitions. We need to capture that energy and mobilize this summer. We need a Water Warrior Team in every community. Spread the word, the people in our state need to help save our water for people first and industry second.

Thank you so much for the many kind words, messages and donations since the court decision.

We hope to see you Tuesday. Until then, have a Happy Fourth of July and remember, it will be the people who will protect our water, not reckless electeds.

STW volunteers

PS Looking for a way to express your frustration after losing our right to vote on the Water Protection Ordinances? Consider attending this event hosted by STW

Rally for Community Rights
July 4 at 1:00 PM
2121 30th St (The Spar)

Organized by Sarah Jane Morken and Roxy Murray
(please contact them to help)

(Enjoy the Freedom Fair Airshow from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM)

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Water Protection Initiative Time of Death 11:15 AM Today

Donna Walters, Mike Misner and Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin in Judge Nevin's courtroom - standing room only - capacity 85.
Donna Walters, Mike Misner and Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin in Judge Nevin’s courtroom – standing room only – capacity 85.

Water Protection Initiative Time of Death 11:15 AM Today
Single Judge Kills the People’s Vote in Tacoma
Local Tacoma powerbrokers prevail with injunction
to block the vote on Tacoma water protection initiatives

TACOMA – In the case of Port of Tacoma v. Save Tacoma water Judge Jack Nevin of the Pierce County Superior Court decided a legislative matter of the people by agreeing with plaintiffs that Tacoma’s Right to Water Protection initiatives are beyond the scope of the local initiative power therefore are invalid and will be struck from the ballot. The decision not only silences the voices of the 17,000 people who signed petitions but also the full voting population of Tacoma.

The plaintiffs – Port of Tacoma, Economic Development Board, Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tacoma – argued two major points, one being that local initiatives are a privilege, not a right like state initiatives, and that corporate rights are superior to the rights of people. The court’s decision today confirms that the legal system is willing to uphold this view, which in both instances were created by the court’s themselves.

“Here we are only days away from the 4th of July and the system strikes down the peoples right of self-determination – a basic tenet of democracy”, Sherry Bockwinkel, co-chair of Save Tacoma Water.

Coming out of citizen outrage over a proposed methanol plant as well as the heightened awareness that water is a shrinking resource, Charter Amendment 5 for the November 2017 ballot and Initiative 6 for this November ballot were put forward in response large industrial users wanting to put profits before people. If the laws would have been adopted by the vote of the people, they would have required that water use projects of over a 1 million gallons of fresh water a day would need approval by the voters.

“I’m outraged by what I heard in that court room today. People in power suits and a judge in his black robe basically mocking the people’s democratic rights”, says Donna Walters, co-chair of Save Tacoma Water. “I cannot, in good conscience, except the judge’s decision that I must live in a corporate-state. I will fight to dismantle the corporate-state and the injustice it brings.”


Let The People Vote

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This is our ad in the Tacoma Weekly that is out today. See page 8a. Also, be sure to read the great story by Steve Dunkelberger on the front page of the Tacoma Weekly this week about meetings not open to the public between the City of Tacoma and the Port of Tacoma that they have planned as a result of the citizen outcry over lack of transparency with the methanol plant. What? Yep, you read that right. Stay tuned for no updates.

Corporations and Government Attempting to Block Vote

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Save Tacoma Water will be in court tomorrow, July 1, fighting for our right to vote on our Water Protection Initiatives.

The Cause No. for the court case is:


The case will be heard by Judge Jack Nevin at 10:00 AM in room 411 in the Pierce County Superior Court, County-City Building, 930 Tacoma Ave S.

We go to court with two wins under our belt already. The four plaintiffs, The City of Tacoma, the Port of Tacoma, the Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County and the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce were all asking that STW pay for their legal fees, which are estimated at costing $250,000.00. All plaintiffs have dropped their request for legal fees to be paid – though, as our attorneys have said, it would have been unlikely that a judge would award those fees. By asking for those fees it shows the bullying tactic employed. The community flooded the City of Tacoma and Port of Tacoma meetings blasting them for asking for the fees. After the heat from the public, the lawsuits were updated and the fees removed! Citizen activism does pay off.

About our second court win. We also have an agreement with the plaintiffs to drop Donna Walters, Sherry Bockwinkel and “Jon and Jane Does 1-5, (individual sponsors and officers of Save Tacoma Water) as defendants as they are “unnecessary parties.” The deadline has past for the plaintiffs to update their court filings regarding removing the defendants so the judge will have to rule on this matter. It is a win in the bank. So, now the fear and intimidation the STW volunteers have been feeling has dissipated, though, the chilling of our free speech rights that occurred, is still a fact.

Water Warriors, please arrive early as it is a small court room and it will take time to get through security. Please dress appropriately. Please know the rules of court decorum [=proper behavior in a courtroom]. Please do not wear our blue T-Shirts as our attorney Mike Misner advises against wearing them, however our buttons are OK. Mike also advises those inside the courtroom to remain silent and do not react – no clapping, no signs, no talking and turn off your cell phones! Your silent attention to what the judge has to say will be the most important thing you can do.

Being in a courtroom is not like what is shown on TV. Any talking about what occurred in court should be taken outside after the proceeding is over.

KING 5 called today – they are interested in our story, so let’s pack the courtroom and leave no seats for the gaggle of attorneys that are suing us.

Onward to the ballot!

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We The People 2.0 sold out

let the people vote grand

We The People 2.0 is a movie that will depress you then energize you. Fresh from the Seattle Film Festival, this film had people full of questions after it ended. STW volunteers hosted a Q+A session after the meeting. “The turnout was impressive, the response during the film was refreshing, and most of all I was amazed that 70 people decided to be a part of the Q+A,” said Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Organizer Kai Huschke after the event. The response during the film Kai referred to were the sudden outbreaks of applause and sighs of disbelief when a huge old growth tree was cut down right before our eyes. The movie is a must see for anyone who wants to figure out why corporations have so much power over the people.

The sold out movie was inspirational and there was talk about bringing it back to Tacoma so more people could see it.

The Water Protection Ordinance has validated for the ballot


BREAKING NEWS: Initiative 6 has PASSED the validation requirement threshold.

Save Tacoma Water turned in 391 petition sheets on June 15. On Monday the Pierce County Auditor’s office began work verifying the signatures. The job was completed in just two days with 57 pages not even needing to be counted. The official report shows 4,963 signatures were checked and 3,320 were valid, surpassing the requirement of 3,160. During the past week, 502 more signatures have been collected by STW volunteers, just in case, but will not need to be turned in for verification.

STW volunteers collected a total of 6,459 signatures in just 70 days. The voters have spoken loud and clear. Water Warriors Rock!

Initiative 6 has qualified for the ballot. A huge THANK YOU to the people of Tacoma and our dedicated volunteers!


Michael, Sherry and Donna holding 16,000+ signatures on the Water Protection Initiatives.

City sues citizens for collecting signatures

Google drive with all lawsuit documents

160606.f. Complaint with Attachments.SIGNED copy

Click on link above to read the first lawsuit filed against STW

PORT OF TACOMA, a Washington State
Municipal Corporation, ECONOMIC
COUNTY, a Washington State Nonprofit
Corporation, and the TACOMA PIERCE
COUNTY CHAMBER, a Washington
State Non-profit corporation.
political committee, DONNA WALTERS,
sponsor and Treasurer of SAVE TACOMA
(Individual sponsors and officers of SAVE
Washington State Municipal Corporation,

And the second lawsuit piled on by the City of Tacoma – click on link for a pdf file to read the entire lawsuit

Superior Court State of WA No. 16-2-08477-5 COT sues citizens Donna Sherry

Here is where the City of Tacoma is asking for attorney’s fees.

Note the name of the attorneys signing the document – remember their names as attorneys doing the dirty work for the city against the citizens.

COT lawsuit asks for attys fees

News Release STW turn in2

STW News Release on Signature turn in – page 2

News Release STW turn in22